Do you think we will build more nuclear power plants during Obama’s administration?



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    During Obama’s administration? I think not, though it is theoretically possible. During the term of Obama’s successor, whoever that may be? Probably. In early 2010 the Obama administration announced several billion dollars in loan subsidies to power companies who are seeking to build new nuclear reactors which will be the first nuclear power plants to go on-line in the US in 30 years. One of the recipients of these loans is a company called Southern Co., which plans to build two new reactors in Georgia. The first of these might be on line in 2016, the second in 2017. That’s assuming there are no construction or regulatory delays, which in the nuclear power industry is like sitting in an airport during a heavy blizzard and assuming that your flight will still take off on time. If I’m wrong and the first of Southern’s reactors does come on line in 2016, it would still be during Obama’s administration if he is elected to a second term. Even if he is, I think it’s more likely that the reactors won’t be finished until the administration of the 45th president. This example illustrates the extremely long time that it takes to get a nuclear power plant approved, funded, built and operational.

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