Do you think we will be more likely to start using nuclear power because of what happened in the gulf?



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    I definitely think that we will be more likely to start using more alternative energies after the spill in the gulf.  However, I expect us to move more towards solar and wind power than to nuclear.  There is still the problem of what to do with the nuclear waste that is produced from nuclear power, and there is a lot of fear of contamination from this waste or a major disaster at one of the plants.  We’ve seen what can happen because of a major fossil fuel related disaster in the Gulf, but I don’t expect the public to be looking towards nuclear energy as their first option.  Yes, it has the potential to be great, and I think that eventually we will develop a safe and responsible system for it, but there is too much fear right now to go directly to it right now.  However, there will undoubtedly be more effort to develop nuclear as well as other alternative energies.

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      Any reports or studies to back up your inclinations on this issue?

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      Currently I am attending Lehigh University and took a class that covered alternative energy sources, and one of the subjects was on nuclear energy. We covered a lot of the pros and cons of some of the different types of alternative energy, and while nuclear has a lot of potential for incredible energy production, a lot of the struggle right now lies in dealing with the waste associated with it and the dangers that are still prevalent. My thoughts that the general population will choose the safer forms of solar and wind power are just my personal opinion. I could be completely wrong and there will be a huge call for nuclear power in the near future, but I personally think that a lot of the research will be done fairly quietly, and when we do have the technology to deal with the problems associated with nuclear power there will be a huge demand for it.

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    I agree to an extent with jaw6827.  I believe that industry and government definitely SHOULD initiate a massive shift toward new energy sources.  The disappointing reality of our progress-hungry economies is that we will most likely continue sucking the earth dry of oil until we are no longer receiving monetary gain from it.  As long as there is a buck to be made from a certain industry, someone will be making them hand over fist.  My apologies for sounding like the pessimist, and usually I play the optimist, but I know how strong the western philosophy is guided by the idea of personal wealth.  As long as our leaders and decision makers have their fingers in the big industrial pie, profiting from energy, resources, sales, markets, etc… we won’t see a shift in ideology.

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