Do you think that we will be a lot more green in 15 years?



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    definitely subjective but i am hopeful. We are on a good path towards discovering new energies and reducing dependencies on non-renewable sources so i think that solar, wind, and hydro-electric power will significantly increase “greeness”.

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    I think that science and business will both continue to create more sustainable ways of living. The availability of renewable energy technology will make conservation much more cost effective. New buildings and homes being built will be designed to have a reduced impact and new vehicles will limit emissions. Also, sustainability will have been a part of the entire lives of the upcoming generations, so they will be less likely to have inherited environmentally harmful behaviors.

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    If the progression of sustainable practices and alternative energy continue to move forward, then I believe we will be more “green” in 15 years. Since the green movement is currently considered a trend, I think once the trend begins to take a second place position to a new issue, the idea of being green will just be part of our daily lives.

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    I think technology will definitely be a lot more green in 15 years. Advances in the past ten years have been incredible and will only continue to improve more. Additionally, we are starting to see the effects of global warming and natural disasters that will destroy the human race. This is forcing us to change our tactics and the way we go about life. 

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    I think that with rising energy prices and current economic conditions, being green is going to be mandatory to afford the cost of living. Energy prices could become so high that people couldn’t afford to not have energy efficient appliances or windows. I can also imagine that solar panels on homes will become the new norm. 

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    I also think that the world will be greener in 15 years. Going green is quite a popular movement that seems to keep growing. With increased levels of environmental education and resources to make better choices, we should be to choose a green lifestyle. There’s a lot of great activism work going on now, and I look forward to seeing where this movement has gone in 15 years.

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