Do you think we will be able to achieve foreign oil independence without nuclear power?



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    Yes, definitely. The federal government would need to re-prioritize its budget, of course, to further develop non-nuclear technologies (electric cars, wind technology, for example). The concept ‘foreign oil dependence’ sounds nice but when you say that keep in mind that although we have some oil reserves yet to be tapped independence from foreign oil means we must explore every option. Why? Because sooner or later, there will be no oil, and everyone will be independent of all oil. As Paul Hawken writes in 2007 in his book Blessed Unrest, “But how do you describe an American administration that will spend $1 trillion on winning a war for Iraqi oil while refusing to allocate any funds to reduce dependency on oil? For $1 trillion, the United States could have catalyzed the replacement of its entire automobile fleet with plug-in hybrid-electrics getting 500 mpg (cars running on batteries 90 percent of the time), powered by renewable energy and biodiesel” (Hawken, 99).

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    Yes, but it will take a strong democratic movement (a.k.a., Occupy Wall Street) to overturn the influence that oil companies have on the democratic process.  In reading the wikileaks memos, I found that the U.S. taxpayer money is paying for a large private security force for the oil company AAMCO in Saudi Arabia.  This elaborate infrastructure supports big oil and will have to be dismantled and redistributed towards renewable energy.  Subsidies have to be moved to renewable energy, federal funding has to be established for renewable energy research offices at major universities, and jobs programs have to be created around this new infrastructure.  All of this has to happen very soon because we are currently a long ways away from these goals. 

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    There are also much safer nuclear plants in developement. Plants have been designed that use a more stable element, operate more efficiently, and use better safety procedures, all of which greatly reduce the chance of a meltdown. There is also a fusion concept that has been designed and should be safe.


    source: Popular Science magazine

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