do you think we sill start using Lumboo for our buildings?



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    Lumboo is bamboo lumber. It is available from CaliBamboo, and is currently priced at $8 for a 2×4. That’s kinda pricey to a contractor, and I would hope that there are some discounts available for volume. That cost alone could keep people from using it.

    According to an article in, “Lumboo has not undergone formal testing for code listing from the International Code Council (ICC), and is currently being sold by Cali Bamboo for fencing.” Also, notes that it is currently available only as fencing product.

    I believe it certainly has viability for large construction projects, especially in earthquake-prone California, where a little extra flexibility and strength might be a welcome thing. However, I think it’s going to take some time to catch on.

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    Probably not in markets that it has noticeable benefits such as California. Traditional timber has a look that most people are used to and will not require extra paperwork.

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