Do you think we should have more green advocates in office?



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    The idea of green jobs has grown much more prevalent in the American consciousness over the last few years, which is great news for the planet.  However we still have a ways to go on this issue, and it would definitely be helpful to have more green jobs advocates in public office.  As the US Congress considers climate legislation, industry-friendly officials have continued to repeat the same old erroneous arguments about how curbing global warming will hurt the economy.  This is despite the fact that more and more Americans believe investing in the clean energy technologies needed to stop global warming can actually create jobs and improve our economy.  These industry-friendly lawmakers need to wake up to reality – and if they won’t do that, we may need to replace them with policymakers more in tune with the times. 

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    Yes! Having elected officials and appointed officials who believe in becoming more green, environmental or sustainable, will help pass laws and enact constitutional rules that focus the appropriate attention on environmental issues. But to get those people in office, you have to do the work by talking to your legislators—federal, state and local and informing them that the environment is important to you and they should take action on it or they will lose your support.

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    Absolutely.  It is a very important issue that needs attention, and the best way to get the government to act is to vote in those who share your ideals on climate change.  Congress is a reflection of those that vote them in, so when they do nothing, the public is partly to blame.  We must elect green leaders to find success with the environmental movement.

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