Do you think we should force companies to make greener cars?



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    Well, that’s hard to say. On the one hand, it would make people work harder for better environmental cars, but on the other hand, do we really want the government deciding even what kind of cars we drive? Beyond the ideas of good cars versus bad cars, do we want to have laws where we must drive a certain type of car?

    If we begin by forcing companies to make certain cars, laws like “You must drive a certain type of car” will follow; this means that if a currently owned car doesn’t fall under that area, then the owner would be forced to give up driving or buy a new car. This is only conjecture of course, but it follows with what the government has decided in other areas (seat belts, for instance, were not originally required by law, they were just for your own safety, and now there’s a huge fine for not wearing one). 

    In my opinion, if people want to make/buy/sell better cars, they can. There is a blooming market for it, and I think that, if left alone, more companies will work to fill that market.

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    I think it is a good idea but what about support


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    I think we definitely should force them to make greener cars. That is probably the only way to accelerate the transition to green cars quick enough to save the environment. California is leading the way by forcing companies to produce mpg standards above the governments. Nevertheless, the government must also help these companies to produce this technology by giving them tax breaks and such. 

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    Yes.  I think the government should give huge incentives for car companies to make green cars.  I don’t know if we should legally mandate that car companies have to make green cars, but if we are able to give enough rebates/tax credits etc., the companies will start to comply.  They can’t argue with more money and less production costs.  This could start a trend of having all cars be green in the future.  

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