Do you think we should drill in the arctic, why or why not?



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    I personally am very opposed to the proposal of drilling in the arctic. I do not support invasive and damaging energy extraction procedures, like drilling, in any location of the world. The foundation of my reasoning is my perception that there is already substantial damage to the planet’s ecosystems and life and that environmental interventions should focus on conservation and restoration. Beyond this foundation of my belief system, oil drilling can disrupt the fragile tundra system and therefore harm plants, animals and humans residing in places that are supposed to be protected, like in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If an oil spill occurred, the devastation that has been highlighted in recent catastrophes, like the famous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, can be repeated. I think it is time to take the lifestyle of creatures other than humans as well as that of the entire living organism of the Earth into consideration before exploitation continues. So, here is my opinion as requested, but I’d like to add that I think controversial topics such as oil drilling are difficult to address in-depth in short-form question-answer sites like this.

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    I agree with what chelseazillita said, especially about the great possibility that an oil spill could occur. These spills are already catastrophically damaging to the ecosystems they occur in, but the damage could be even worse in the arctic because the conditions are harsher. The below article points out that if a spill occurs as winter ice is setting it, the equipment could be impossible to get to in order to stop the gushing.

    I also think that the huge amount of money and energy that would be spent on furthering our addiction to oil would be better spent developing alternative forms of energy.

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    Absolutely not!  For one thing, the arctic is already an extremely fragile and extremely valuable ecosystem, and it should not be put at risk for any reason.  Moreover, opening up the arctic as an oil source would only serve to prolong our dependence on oil, which is something we should clearly try to be breaking.  Not only are oil burning and oil drilling hazardous to the environment, but oil is finite, and no matter what we do we are eventually going to run out of it.  Better to start weaning ourselves off of it now and spare the arctic than to risk destroying the arctic now only to find ourselves in an even more desperate situation later.

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