Do you think we should be concerned about the sea lions leaving Fisherman’s Wharf?

Or do you think it is just a natural event that should not warrant concern?



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    Anytime there is a large unknown phenomenon that results in the departure of many animals there should be a large amount of concern.  It seems as though something has driven these lions away.  It may be linked to food sources, water quality, or something that has just started to occur around the wharf.  Or it could be entirely natural, but for all environmentalists this should be of some concern until a likely answer is found.  

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    Yes. Animals can perceive natural disasters as well as environmental phenemonen well before humans can. While it will probably take a lot of man hours and effort to figure out why the sea lions left, it is important as it could be environmentally related, disaster related, or something else just as important. However, if we don’t take the time to investigate it could hurt us in the end.

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