Do you think that we have a problem understanding what our actions do to the environment?



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    Sometimes it can be difficult to understand how our actions affect the environment because the effects are often not immediately realized at the locations where the actions responsible for their creation take place. In addition, most major problems are caused by the combination of many small problems (for example, 1 plastic bag in a landfill does not seem like much at all, but we use an estimated 1 billion annually in the US). Since we do not see the direct results of our actions, understanding the consequences can often be difficult, if not overwhelming to think about. This is a problem and one that is starting to gain more and more attention which is long overdue.

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    I do believe that the complete consequences of human activities are not completely known with 100 percent accuracy. For example DDT was once widely used in America as an insecticide, it was used both for agricultural and commercial uses. After an increase in public concern and with increased awareness of consequences with books like “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, DDT use became heavily restricted. The complete effects of DDT was first unknown and now scientists know that it is persistent in the environment, can pollute water sources, can biomagnify tremendously, and has human and wildlife health impacts.

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      We have a history of using products before we understand the effects. Do you think there is anything we are using right now that we will be talking about in the future like DDT?

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