Do you think we have already damaged the climate beyond repair?



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    This is a question I do not want to answer, but yes.  With the way the world works, change comes VERY slowly.  pretty much everything we do right now hurts the planet. Every aspect of our lives.  We have become so detached from the environment, we don’t even know how to take care of it.

    Our agricultural system, and livestock operations are horrible

    We create so much waste

    Coal and Nuclear Power

    Cars….need i say more about Cars? 

    Everything we do now-a-days requires electricity.

    planes, trains, boats 


    the various trash vortexes engulfing the Oceans.

    Do you know how many years it will take this world to break from its paradigm and realize that we can’t sustain the life we were are living?  ….honestly, I doubt the change will ever come.  We are the tower of babel.  Sewing the seeds to our own destruction. 


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    It’s never too late.  Our world is likely not capable of reaching it’s pristine properties of long ago, but it’s definitely repairable.  While change does take awhile, it’s beginning to take affect at an accelerated rate.  We are coming together and creating solutions that halt the damage we’ve been creating.  Going forward, we can take a conscious approach to making our world better, and I believe we can and will restore the Earth.

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