Do you think we fully understand how our actions effect the environment around us?



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    Good Question!  I highly doubt anyone can fully understand how our actions effect the environment around us.  We can all stipulate as to what we think is happening to the earth’s environment due to human behavior by looking at trends, data, opinions, etc.  However, the full impact of every person’s action and their effect on the environment is impossible to understand.  There are new ideas, laws, observations, etc. coming into play every day and it is likely that each of those things shed new light on our behavior and its effect on the environment.

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    Probably not. It’s difficult to fathom the impact one single person has making a difference. It’s also not something that most people go around consciously thinking about every moment of their life. Sometimes we are wasteful but we don’t even realize it. In certain moments, when it is presented to us in an effective way, I think we can feel the impact. But those moments are few and far between.

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    I agree that as individuals nor as a collective society, do we understand how our actions impact the environment. We can understand pieces, immediate cause and effects, but we are not as skilled at seeing larger trends, especially if they take long time-frames to play out. In a way the environment is made up of an infinate number of connections, which is too much for us to wrap our minds around. Many accomplished scientists, that are the most well studied in their area of expertise, are the first to recognize that they really know nothing about how the system they are studying really works. Its quite humbling.

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    No definitely not. People only tend to understand and forsee the consquences of actions that directly affect them. If people do to come into direct contact with the detrimental effects of the environment, than they will not care about it. People often only care about what effects themselves, not about what will happen to the future of the human race or nature. 

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    No, I don’t think we are fully aware of the effects of our actions on the environment. There is no guarantee that the planet can just rebound back to where it was or what will happen once oil and other natural resources run out.

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