do you think that we could implement a maximum mileage for driving law?



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    If you’re referring to a law that establishes a mandatory cap on the number of miles a person can drive per a particular time period, then no, that probably wouldn’t be feasible. First of all, such a law would be extremely difficult to oversee and enforce. Secondly, a rigid maximum value really doesn’t take into account the individual person’s particular needs, lifestyle, etc. Plus, it’s an unnecessary infringement on our liberties. What we can do to discourage driving long distances, however, is raise gas taxes, which is what many European and Asian countries do. That way, people conserve their mileage more, but if they really need to make a long drive and are willing to pay for it, they have the ability to do so.

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    I think that if a law were purposed that created a maximum number of miles a person could drive there would be a large amount of public resistance against it. Some people need to drive to make a living such as big rig drivers that transport goods from one location to another, taxi drivers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, and shuttle drivers. Sometimes people may have to drive long distances because of family emergencies and other urgent reasons, where a cap on driving may limit this. Putting a cap on driving could also cause a dramatic increase in the amount of people that fly instead of drive, which could bring about additional problems. Another issue to consider is what if a person has an electric vehicle and has maxed out their driving miles and now needs to find another form of transportation, which could be more polluting.

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