Do you think we could ever tax cigarettes enough to deter people from buying them?



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    I think that the taxes imposed on cigarettes already deter a lot of people from buying them.  My Uncle quit because it was just costing him too much every month, and I don’t think that he is alone.  We could definitely deter more people from buying cigarettes by raising the taxes on them.  Unfortunately they are addictive so there will still be people who find a way to pay for them, but I think that the number of people who do smoke would continue to drop if we raised the price of them.

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    A new study on cigarette cravings would suggest that we could. This study (see url) concludes that cravings have more to do with psychology than physical addiction. If this is true, increasingly higher cigarette taxes would likely deter a number of people who are addicted “psychosocially.” Then again, the higher the price of cigarettes goes, the more people will discover bulk pipe tobacco as a cheaper alternative.

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