Do you think we could ever live without batteries?



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    Interesting question, christine.  I don’t think that we could.  We have become too dependant on batteries to simply stop using them.  Though I don’t think it is impossible to live without them, there isn’t enough controversy over battery usage to demand that we stop using them.  I would rather see oil go over batteries, any day. 

    Hope this helps!

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    The only way we could live without batteries if we would have constant wireless electricity access. Wireless electricity is becoming real with working prototypes and estimates that in 5 years these could be mature enough for mass production. Though these would only allow us to unplug everything that is plugged and not deal away with batteries just yet. But I do think that because of this the battery demand will drop. 

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    Probably the form of batteries as we know them now, but we will always need some form of energy producer to make things work.

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