Do you think we could ever get a society that doesn’t use any currency? Maybe just use cards or something?



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    I do not think there will be a society that does not use currency. I feel that it is possible for there for be local currency, that is cards that can only be spent within the local economy to help keep money local. I know this has gone on in the past and is currently happening in Santa Cruz, CA. The program is called Downtown Dollars and it is basically tickets that can be spent in the area, most stores give a deal for using the dollars to promote the program. However, this is a currency, even if it is just tickets that becomes worth something, it is currency. Our dollars are really just tickets of paper if you think about it too. 

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    Well for one, I can’t wait until paper and metal currency is gotten rid of in favor of cards or other type of electronic currency. Just think of how much easier it would be to just have a small thin card instead of stuffing a bunch of bills and coins into a wallet, how much faster to pay, and so on. There would be privacy issues, of course, but most of crimes would become much more difficult to commit. However, I don’t think we can go back to barter-based economy of the pre-currency times – money are a convenient intermediate for exchanging goods. But I’m fine with cards – or even simpler, using some fingerprint and retinal scan and the like.

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    It’s important to distinguish the difference between currency and payments. Currency is a part of any society – no matter how developed or underdeveloped. Be it corn, pelts, precious metals, or paper, at it’s very core currency represents value. Possession of said currency provides a purchasing power to the individual, and desire is a strong, intrinsic and unavoidable part of human nature.

    But toting around the currency seems to have become more of a burden in our digital age of online…everything. Swiping a card is more efficient so one would think a cashless society would be the next logical step. It depends on the flawlessness of the technology, changing of consumer habits, and addressing complex issues like: How would the impoverished, with no electricity or computer, obtain goods and services in an entirely digitized society? Safe to say, with the rapid growth of information and technology today, the possibility is there. But so are flying cars.

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