Do you think that we could ever get rid of nuclear bombs?



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    It is very difficult to get every country to comply with requests for non-proliferation or dismantling of atomic bombs.  Every country wants to be seen as a powerhouse and one that you do not want to start wars with.  I don’t think we will ever be able to rid the world of nuclear bombs, but hopefully we will never get into a situation where any country will use them again.

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    I feel that the only way we would be able to get rid of nuclear bombs is if countries like America and Great Britain destroyed their stores first.  It sounds like a scary thought, and it kind of is, but the only way that any other country would comply with non-proliferation is if the leaders of the world destroyed their own bombs.  Leading by example.

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    No because the only reason that we are currently getting rid of some nuclear bombs now is because we still have enough to blow up the world ten times over. The nations are too weary of each other to dismantle nuclear bombs. Human nature is to compete and our society will keep doing so. It will be the downfall of us all, if global warming doesn’t get us first. 

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