Do you think we can take anything positive from the oil spill?



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    I think we can make sure that in the future, regulatory agencies like the Minerals Management Service act in an ethical and competent manner.  I think we will also impose stricter regulations on all types of oil drilling whether it be offshore or not.  Hopefully this tragedy will instigate a new wave of environmental support in favor of alternative energy use.  For the sake of our planet, an environmental disaster like the BP oil spill should never happen again — America needs to do everything it possibly can to ensure this.  

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    I think that the BP disaster will definitely teach us as a society some important lessons. This spill is the largest oil-related disaster we have had here in the lower 48, and it has thus made the realities of the oil industry closer to home. Hopefully, the disaster will open Americans’ eyes to how our consumption of oil hurts us and the earth.

    The spill has also revealed the general inadequacies of the oil industry in general. It has given us the proper context to reveal that the oil spill plans of all the major oil companies were pretty much carbon copies of one another. These plans were outdated, ineffective, and showed just how little the oil industry has invested in safety. BP’s plan even lists a man who has been dead for five years as one of the people they’d consult during a disaster! The oil spill has brought to light information that will, hopefully, lead to further regulation of the oil industry.

    It is very, very unfortunate that such a huge disaster has been required to wake us up to the real impacts and failures of the oil industry. Hopefully, someday, we will learn and be able to heal the affected areas of the Gulf.

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