Do you think that we can ever shift the auto industry away from fossil fuel?



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    Numerous previous answers related to this; see link. It will happen sooner or later, simply because the fossil fuels will first become too expensive (in a relatively few years), and then in prohibitively short supply (later in this century).

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    As the above answer says, yes, the industry will shift because of the expenses and small supply of fossil fuels. Alternative fuel sources are becoming more and more in demand. Scientists and engineers are devoting a lot of money and time to developing alternative fuels, which include electricity, biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, hydrogen, and propane, as well as a litany of others. Over the centuries, technology and industry keeps innovating to meet new needs. Since we’ll one day be unable to continue using fossil fuels, I’d actually be surprised if we didn’t come up with something better by then.

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    yes, some car companies are inventing solar and electric cars. they will probably speed up the process now that gas prices are about $4 a gallon! (hopefully!)

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    I agree, I think prohibitively high oil prices or the imminent depletion in the global oil supply would result in a boom in alternative vehicles. Alternatively, it could be more of a “rabbit and hare” situation, in which the consistent, pervasive development of alternative energy vehicles (and the consequent drop in prices) ends up over time phasing fossil fuel powered. Either way I think it will happen, if not later rather than sooner.

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    I think if there were a never ending supply of cheap oil, no. I can’t imagine how bad the environment would have to get before the automotive industry switched away from oil, just for the good of the planet.

    But since there is a finite amount, it is nice to know that the shift will happen no matter what.

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    probaly not soon because it would take a while to let people adapt to new things another problem would be since vehicles are expensive and alot of people dont have the money for it . It would  also take a long time to make the complete shift because some people enjoy having gas powered cars .

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