Do you think we can ever fix climate change?



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    I don’t know if we can completely eliminate climate change at this point, it has been slowly occuring over the last 40-50 years. We can however slow the warming of the planet down by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emission that we omit into the atmosphere. This can be done by driving less, walking, biking, and using public transportation, or driving one of the popular fuel-efficient vehicles like that Chevy Volt (which has 0 gas emissions). You can also become more aware of products that you use at home that are bad for the environment. A big way to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions is to become vegan. The livestock industry contributes more to climate change that the transportation industry. If we all do our part, we can slow the impacts of climate change down.

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    Due to radiative forcing, we will continue to see temperatures rise slightly over the next several years even if we stop adding more carbon dioxide to our atmosphere today. It’s like putting a blanket over the earth. It takes a while to warm the earth before it reaches a new equilibrium. If we put more blankets on the earth by emitting more carbon dioxide, we will reach a higher equilibrium temperature. However, there is hope that global temperatures could decrease after a few thousand more years if we plant lots of trees to absorb the carbon dioxide.

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