Do you think that waste management companies should include a composting bin?



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    Absolutely. I live in San Francisco and this has already been done by Scavenger, the waste management company of SF. The program was started last year and has been successful. The waste company provides a compost bin for the curb (along with the trash and recycling that they already provided) and a small composting container for your kitchen to collect your compostables before you put them in the big street can. This new composting program by the waste management company is in an effort to move towards a zero waste city situation where everything can be composted or recycled. I also know that El Dorado Country in California provides a curb bin for yard waste which is a step towards composting also.

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    Toronto, Canada, promotes composting through the “Green Bin System” wherein organic household waste is collected and composted.  Several waste management programs in the U.S. are implementing bioreactors that regulate the level of moisture in landfills to assist the decomposition of organic materials.

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