Do you think video games are responsible for obesity?



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    I think that video games have played a part, but they are part of a larger cultural shift that encourages habits that lead to obesity. Current generations of children are less active in general, although they may just be watching TV or even playing with toys inside rather than necessarily video games. We also have changed our eating habits to include more junk food and eating more often during every activity. While video games do keep children indoors, I don’t think it’s fair to say that they are the cause of obesity.

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    I don’t think that video games are responsible for obesity.  Obesity in America is a problem that stems beyond video game players and affects people from all walks of life.  Because a lot of people, and especially kids, like to play video games, those who don’t play them develop a view of playing video games as participating in an inactive activity, or in some cases, as being lazy.  Video games are more of a mental stimulant type of activity as compared to the physical fitness type.  Unless video games are occupying an unhealthy amount of an individual’s time, and no exercise is being done, then I’d argue that video games don’t have any correlation to weight or health issues.  

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