Do you think that vertical farming could completely change our agricultural system?



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    I hope so, in this sense: the most valuable thing to me about vertical farming is that we might be able to revert what was once farmland back into prairies or other natural landscapes.  Agriculture is one of the main reasons we lost various ecosystems in the first place, and hopefully by farming up rather than out we can restore some of these lost areas.

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    The answer is probably not. Besides the lack of political will to make vertical farming happen on a massive scale in urban centers, there are a number of legitimate reasons not to pursue such a revolutionary project.

    The biggest reason is energy consumption, a hotly debated issue in the vertical farming world. Some suggest that it could be a net zero energy consumer. Though many, such as Dr. Louis Albright of Cornell University, suggest that a vertical farm – in which the upper plants necessarily get more natural light than the lower ones – must use a great deal of artificial light to keep more down-to-earth plants growing. The energy consumption in construction and maintenance of large-scale vertical systems, for these latter, seems unlikely and undesirable. See link below for more information.

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