Do you think that upcycling is just as important as recycling?



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    Upcycling is one of two methods of recycling, the other is downcycling.  Upcycling is taking recycled materials and converting them to more expensive products.  Downcycling is the opposite, it is converting recycled materials into less expensive products.  

    So whether upcycling is more important depends on the benefits that you receive.  

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    Absolutely!  Recycling can be a resource intensive process, sometimes requiring a lot of energy and water.  Upcycling can be a great option to reuse materials that are still usable.  Many items can have a second and third life before they must be recycled, all it takes is a little creativity.  These materials have more value as an upcycled product than as garbage, they are not necessarily “more expensive”.  Below is a link to get you started on some easy upcycling projects.  Have fun!

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    In my opinion upcycling is far more important and useful than recycling though recycling also help decreasing the waste on the earth but upcycling needs some artistic work of the people to make use of the waste and garbage in such a way that the waste no longer can be stated as wastes. The other aspect which forces me to vote in favour of upcycling is that to recycle different items one has to plant some machines for this purpose whereas upcycling doesn’t need such a complex activity. You just have to find some wastes, think hard about it and apply all your skills to convert it into a useable rather attractive art.

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    Definitely. We can rethink the way we make things and turn waste into something that can be re-used, extending the life of object. The book, Cradle to Cradle, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart is a great environmental book that discusses these possibilities and the possibility of minimizing human waste impacts on the planet. 

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