Do you think the United States can get more of their energy from wind power or solar power?



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    Wind power has the best harnessing ability. The problem with solar power is that it is a diluted energy source. The sunlight goes everywhere and is far less concentrated. You harness less from this type of energy as opposed to wind which can be far more concentrated when it is harnessed with wind turbines. Wind turbines are also less expensive to produce, thus we can afford to make more of them.

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      I’ve never heard the argument that solar energy is more “diluted” than wind energy. I’m not sure that makes sense, but I could be missing something? Could you expand on that a little more?

      My personal understanding is that solar energy is a much more promising long-term solution since solar cells can be installed pretty much anywhere (from roofs to large industrial arrays in the desert).

      Wind, on the other hand, can only be harnessed for power in certain ideal locations.

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    Wind power is advancing the most quickly and becoming one of the most efficient energy sources. Nevertheless, solar power is great in places like the deserts where sun is constantly and heavily shining. All of these technologies will work great combined and are very promising 🙂

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    I have the understnding that the winds have more than 80 x.s the energy of all of mankinds uses avaible 

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