Do you think that trade abroad should be curved in order to influence more local trade?



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    I think that the people who want to trade locally will, and the ones who don’t really care will find a way to trade abroad anyway. Truth is, we can get a lot of stuff for cheap by trading with other countries, as opposed to trading locally. Though it would help the environment, business might suffer for it, and I don’t know many people who would be willing to pay a more expensive price here when they can easily rip off someone else to get more bang for their buck. Even if we try to influence traders to go local, there will be many who resist, and will refuse.

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    i think the most sufficient way is not to pick one or the other, but to let areas who have resources for one or many things to specialize in those things, and let each area do what it was designed to do….then share.  People in the area will benefit locally, as other locals in other areas will benefit in other areas.  but by sharing everyone can have what is needed.  In some cases, if something is not a necessity than learn to focus on what is best for where you are.

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