Do you think that Tim DeChristopher’s jail sentence was deserved?



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    I think that two years seems a little heavy.  With jail overcrowing being such a huge problem, placing him in jail for that long just seems asinine.  It’s just frustrating when you hear of animal abusers or those with domestic assult charges only having to perform community service and then there’s people like Tim DeChristopher who are virtually harmless to society yet are taking up space in jails for reasons that don’t really require such sentences.  

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    It’s not as bad as Rodney Coronado’s sentence. However, Rodney Coronado’s actions were much more destructive. I am going to reserve judgement of both of those individuals and say that in a sense, I think that it might be a good thing to have a few environmentally friendly activists behind bars. Activists might be more inclined to help reform the prison system by encouraging more garden programs than other prisoners. I hope that all environmental activists who are behind bars keep their ideals strong and work to improve the system.

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