Do you think that the tiger will be the next popular animal to go extinct?



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    I sincerely hope not, but unless radical changes are made to protection and conservation, I fear they might be. The tiger population went from somewhere over 100,000 prior to the 1900’s to just under 4,000 now. Habitat devistation and poaching are the main causes of this significant drop. Unfortunately, even in sanctuaries, tigers aren’t safe from poachers. Out of the 9 species of tigers, 3 of them have already gone extinct: the Caspian, Javan, and Bali tigers. The South China tiger is next on the list, and some scientists have already listed it as “functionally extinct” (meaning it’s close enough to gone that it may as well be extinct). They are necessary to the environment as a top predator in their respective habitats, predators that keep the prey/vegitation balance by cutting down herds of grazers.

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