Do you think there would be any advantage to having legal small controlled whale hunts?



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    No, not really.  Economically speaking, to be the only country hosting legal whale hunts might make for an increase in tourism revenue, but this would be minimal in comparison to the social / ecological negative impact of whaling.  There aren’t any products that we get from whaling which cannot be sourced elsewhere, except for whale meat.  And come on…do we really NEED to eat whale meat?  The only potential benefit would be employment, but I’m positive that we could develop other employment opportunities.   

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    In some cases, small, controlled whale hunts are legal, such as for the Makah Tribe in Washington State.  In this case, the controversial whale hunt was reinstated in 1999 in accordance with the Treaty of Neah Bay, and allows the tribe to maintain its traditions and perpetuate its customs.  You will see photos of tribesmen carrying rifles, but these are not to hunt with, only to kill the whale with minimal pain after it has already been harpooned and fixed to the boats.

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