Do you think there will ever be a larger oil spill than the BP one last year?



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    It’s very possible. While the BP oil spill is the largest in the U.S. so far, it does not even make Popular Mechanics’ top 10 list of large oil spills across the globe. As long as companies continue to drill for oil, the possiblity of disaster and damage is there. Especially when those companies take shortcuts that may save money in the short run. But oil extraction is dangerous enough as it is, and oil is very volatile.

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    After looking at a lot of sources concerning the largest oil spills ever, there is little consensus about which ones were the biggest; scientists can only make educated guesses as to how much oil was actually released.  However, there are some that occur on every or most every top 10 list.  Of the reoccurring spills, none of them take place in the United States.

    Sadly, not every country has strict environmental or safety regulations when it comes to the production and transportation of oil.  That is why I do think there will be a future oil spill as large as the Deepwater Horizon spill; though this theoretical spill will not take place in the United States.

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    Sadly, yes may be dwarfed by a future spill. There are very few regulations governing the oil industry and where and how they are allowed to drill. What regulation there is is hardly enforced, and when it is attempted, the corporations do not have to answer as was the case with BP. There was no legitimate cleanup effort or changes made as to how BP or anyone else is allowed to drill. It is this attitude that led to spills in the past, and without any conceivable change, it is hard to imagine a different outcome.

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    umm…its gonna happen even bigger sooner or later


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