Do you think there will ever be a building taller than the one in Dubai?



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    I think Paul Goldberger has it right in this New Yorker article about the Burj Khalifa when he says, “someone will always build a bigger one.” Height is what makes these buildings famous, and as long as there is the money and infrastructure to build the world’s tallest building and attract attention to your city, cities, especially the fast developing ones like Dubai or Hong Kong, will continue to pursue huge construction projects. There will also be continuous developments in architecture, and in my opinion, being able to boast your city as the home of the world’s tallest building will keep this record changing for years to come.

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    A few proposed buildings can possibly top the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  One is the Mile-High Tower being proposed in Saudi Arabia, which would reach a height of 1,600 meters and cost $28.5 billion and accommodate 80,000 people.  Another mile-high tower in London, the Eco-Tower, will consist of 500 stories and reach 1,500 meters tall, if built.

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    Undoubtedly — but then the question is whether there is a theoretical limit on how tall a building can be. With our present means, there probably is, but the Burj Khalifa doesn’t meet it — how difficult would it be for it just to have had a single extra story?

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