Do you think there will be any tigers in the wild by the next year of the tiger?



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    2010 being the year of the tiger has spotlighted the shockingly low count of tigers in the wild.  There are an estimated 3200 tigers left in the wild and there are major concerns about tigers becoming extinct in the wild by the next year of the tiger (2022).  There are however many initiatives being taken to help prevent this loss and save the tigers from becoming extinct in the wild in the next twelve years.  Some examples include the Kathmandu Global Tiger Workshop 2009 and The Global Tiger Initiative.  Hopefully, people’s interest in this statistic will help spark more projects to help save wild tigers.

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    Its hard to answer that. Right now we are losing at least one tiger per day to poachers. Although, there are great conservation efforts, a large majority of the tiger’s natural habitat has been destroyed. There is a possibility of re-introduction to the wild for some tigers that have been raised in captivity but whats the use if there isn’t a suitable natural habitat to release them to.

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    So, based on the two above answers, losing a tiger a day to poachers will mean that the remaining 3200 in the wild will be gone in just 8 years and 9 months – rather short of 2012. Of course poaching will slow down as the only remaining tigers will be left in too small numbers in inaccessible areas, but at that point there may no longer be enough tigers to breed.

    According to IUCN Red List, only about 40% of tigers are considered to be an effective population (i.e. produces offspring that itself can produce its offspring). The rest live in so-called ‘fragments with tigers’ – areas that were confirmed to have tigers but are not big enough to support a long-term population; there are 543 such areas. Viable populations are in 76 ‘tiger conservation landscapes’, with none having over 250 tigers. You can get the idea of the severe fragmentation of the cats’ habitat and the danger to the species. Tiger range shrunk by 41% in the last decade as it is, and even slight poaching and habitat destruction can easily destroy the few remaining areas capable of supporting tigers.

    So yea, I would have to bet against tigers, I’m afraid.

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