Do you think that there will be any rainforest left after the 21st century?



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    It is tough to predict how human behavior will affect rainforest in 90 years. That is a lot of time where people, laws, governments, and of course technology will change. However, I think we will still see rain forests in 90 years. While people are slow to change their over consumptive ways that are contributing to climate change, there are still protected and productive rain forests that are more profitable alive than dead. Costa Rica is one place that has done an excellent job protecting its rainforest with revenue from tourism. This gives Costa Rica incentive to keep the rainforest alive as long as possible because it can be a constant source of revenue rather than an immediate source (getting chopped down). While this offers hope for the sake of rain forests, it is not all good news. Tourism is a very inefficient industry and while flying to Costa Rica may help them save their rainforest, it also contributes to global climate change. It is a trade-off. 

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