Do you think there should be some kind of “environmental score” for corporations?

Something similar to the credit scores for consumers, but instead it would be a way for consumers and other corporations doing business to get an idea of a company’s environmental practices and impact.



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    I definitely think that would be a good thing. Consumers should have the right to know what kind of corporations they are supporting with their purchases.

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    Yes — that would be a great thing.  It would not only encourage businesses to become more green, but it would also help the consumers make smart choices. Great idea phlanzenfaser! 

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    Some such rankings do exist already, although they could definitely be better publicized.

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    In a perfect world, they should not be necessary, corporations should take responsibility for their effect on the planet without being forced too. Unfortunately, we are far from a perfect world, and as consumers we deserve to know what corporations are treating the planet right. 

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