Do you think there is a market for hybrid sports cars?



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    I think that there definitely is.  Tesla has very successfully developed, manufactured, and marketed the Tesla Roadster, a fully electronic top of the line sports car.  Obviously with a price tag as large as the Roadster’s most people would never ever be able to afford it.  However, it is a high performing electronic sports car and buyers are definitely seeking it out.  If this kind of power and prestige can be created by an electronic sports car, then I definitely think there is a lot of potential for a similar hybrid option.

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    There is a market for it, but I’m not so sure that is the best thing… racing demands more power! And when we have more power, we tend to over-consume it — so if these hybrids are getting people to drive aggressively, pushing the throttle full force and then having to apply the breaks to curb all that energy, then it is not going to be good for the environment. Green means conservation and the idea of a hybrid sports car is sort of self defeating to me — but I suppose if these people who are buying hybrid Tesla Roadsters and the like were going to go out and buy a regular internal combustion engine-driven sports car anyway, then it is better that they are least getting some of their energy from a sustainable source (that is, if they are charging up their roadsters at a station which is getting its power from a renewable energy powerplant — solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, bio-mechanical, etc.)… I guess, it’s a start, but I wonder why we need to break so many speed limits—are they inherently flawed or should there be a “target speed” (which takes into consideration both safety and time-efficiency)? 

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