Do you think there is a market for a smaller prius?



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    Good question, aylor.  I think there is.  Considering the fact that the prius is quite popular, as well as the fact that there is only one model of prius (which happens to be a four door), I think there is certainly a market for a smaller, two door version.  If it were only a matter of practicality, I guess people might stick with the four door, but according to a market research study, people really care what image they portray while driving their prius’s.  That, combined with the fact that there is only one model, to me says that a different, smaller, maybe even sportier looking model (as ironic as that would be), would totally sell.

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    The market for hybrid cars is expected to increase as the consumer market looks for more efficient gas mileage and environmentally friendly vehicles.  Consumers will seek out different versions of a standard four door vehicles.  Honda has already created their two door hybrid vehicle, the 2010 CR-Z coupe and there was some talk about a competing car from Toyota.

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    I definitely think so. I absolutely adore the smart cars, and if someone were to make a hybrid or electric version, I would definitely want one. I don’t have a huge family, nor do I haul stuff, so I have no need for a large car. 

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