Do you think there is a magic number for amount of time to charge an electric vehicle?



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    You can think of charging an electric vehicle as similar to filling a conventional gas powered car with gas.   The time it takes to fill a tank with gas depends on different things, primarily the size of the gas tank and the rate at which the gas flows from the pump.  At a particular pump, the size of the gas tank will be a variable (that is, it is a quantity that will vary from car to car) and the rate at which the pump pumps will be a constant value.  The time it takes an electric vehicle to charge will depend similarly on variables and constants.  Among different vehicles, there will be variables such as type of battery, size of battery system, age of battery, etc. that will all affect the charging time of each vehicle.  The quantity that won’t change is the constant value of how much current can flow from a particular charging station.  In a sense, this could be called the “magic number.”

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