Do you think there is a gender imbalance amongst those concerned with environmental issues?

In your experience, are men or women more interested in/dedicated to environmental issues? If there is an imbalance, what do you think causes this?



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    I dont think there is.  Ive been in my high school enviro. club, and my college enviro club and ive taken eviro classes, and I think there is an equal amount.  I do feel that the media usually uses more females though.  (but that could just be me) 

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    In my probably retrospectively distorted memory, I am remembering coming across more women who are concerned with environmental issues.  If I had a guess as to why this is, I’d say that because women are mothers they have more of a care-taker instinct than men, who can impose a machismo on their not-caring.

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    Personally, I don’t find any kind of gender imbalance when it comes to environment. Pretty much everyone I know is concerned about the environment and tries to reduce their impact. The fact that no one really advertises their efforts doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing. My friends, both women and men are equally educated about the environment, global warming and such.

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    I always hear that more women are concerned with environmental issues. One reason cited for this imbalance is that women are more worried about the future and future generations, and therefore concern themselves with environmental issues in the present. I personally don’t believe this is actually the case and in my own experience there is a fairly equal balance of men and women concerned with environmental issues. 

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