Do you think there can be a happy medium between coal power and renewable energy?



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    Rather than a happy medium, I think the goal should be a smooth transition. After all, once renewable sources of power like wind and solar are cheap and efficient, which they are working toward, why should we compromise by keeping coal or other carbon-spewing fuels around? The only reason would be for the sake of jobs and the economy. Thus, I’d say that the “happy medium” would be to transition wisely from one to the next, so that the jobs being lost in coal are balanced by new jobs in renewable energy. This might involve giving grants to workers so tha they can go to school and learn what is required to work in these new fields, which I believe would be a valuable investment.

    “Clean” coal is not a happy medium, but it can be part of the transition, as long as it doesn’t take too many resources away from the true goal: clean and renewable power.

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    I agree with the previous answer. It’s important to have a smooth transition to renewable energy. Ideally, I’d like to see renewable energy overcome coal so we no longer have to use it. If we could avoid using fossil fuels and adding to our pollution, then we should. 

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