Do you think there is anything we can do to get Americans to waste less food?



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    I think that campaigns around healthy eating have been very popular recently and could make a difference. Campaigns geared towards waste reduction in general “reduce, reuse, recycle” is one of them, have also be gaining steam. I think that changing the way restaurants portion food in incredibly important to reducing waste also. Starting programs to recycle food that grocery stores are throwing out is also essential to reducing waste.

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    Education is really the only way.  We need to somehow find a way to show people how much they actually are wasting and how bad it is for the environment.  But more importantly, how ignorant it is considering the fact that there are starving people in this world.  

    But until the topic is brought into light, changing a large group of people seems unlikely. 

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    I think the more people are involved with their food system, the more they will value every food item they are lucky enough to have available to them. If people grow some of their own food in a garden, or are part of a CSA, or shop at a farmers market, or simply volunteer on a local farm, they will begin to realize through their own labor, how valuable our food really is, and will come to appreciate each tomato or apple that much more. The more you care about something, the more effort you put into getting it, the less likely you are to waste it.

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    I think most people take excess food for granted in the US. And until they realize that other people living in other places around the world don’t have any food to eat, nothing will change. It’s surprising that the US is such a pro democracy country and pro life but a citizens are so unaware of the things happening outside the country. I also feel that until the US population has to face food shortage they won’t really know what it’s like to be hungry. And most probably education will only have an effect in a very long run because most people today just don’t believe the facts that are presented to them about world hunger, poverty and so on. 

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    the thing is that people don’t think about how lucky they are. they tend to think only about how unfortunate they are for not having certain things. the truth is that most people are luck in so many ways. just simply having food available when needed is a blessing. but most of us having it around whenever we need is just another normal everyday thing. so when there are left overs often people don’t think twice before throwing it away. then they go out and spend money on more food. wasting money and taking food away from those who truly need it. so before you throw away you leftovers next time think about it. you can always eat it later and its one less meal you have to pay for. think of the empty stomach you just helped fill. because believe it or not just the little changes can make a big difference.

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      Completely agree with you on this one. If people would open their eyes a little wider and see other areas of the world that would die for our scraps I would hope they would think a little bit before ordering everything off the menu only to eat about half of it.

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