Do you think that there is anything that Michael vick could ever do to change the minds of environmentalists and animal lovers?



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    Probably not because we as a society are reluctant to give a second chance to people who hurt or abuse animals that we feel a deep connection with. Vick’s actions were inexcusable and unforgivable, but he had paid his debt to society and has come out a different person. How about we focus on the millions of farm animals kept in CAFOs.

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    Time will change some people, however with animal lovers, at least with some in my family there will be nothing Michael Vick can do to earn redemption.

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    I would argue that Michael Vick has changed some minds in the animal-loving community.  Will everyone forgive him eventually?  Probably not.  But he is currently back in the NFL, and is one of its biggest stars.  That point shows me that a majority of individuals have forgiven him due to his philanthropic work with animal shelters and organizations. 

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