Do you think there is any way to help conserve the population of tigers?



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    Yes, but it requires hard work, commitment and dedication.  We must provide them with protected habitats that have fresh water and ample prey.  We can help as well by not purchasing certain varieties of paper, timber, palm oil and coffee products provided by corporations who don’t use our natural resources responsibly and destroy the tigers habitat.  We can work to make sure people understand that they do not need any tiger parts (claws, teeth or anything else) to live their lives – we must end the demand for these things.  See the link below for more information.

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    There are 3 ways to help conserve the tiger population.  The first is to have active breeding programs in zoos.

    The second is to set aside protected areas, such as game reserves, where tigers will not be hunted and have adequate resources such as food and water.

    Lastly, education in areas and within cultures that kill tigers for their meat or medicinal properties.  This is because some people and cultures believe that tiger parts have medicinal properties.  This is not true.  There is no part of the tiger that will cure anything. 

    And culturally, some people collect tiger parts for various reasons.  This must be discouraged, perhaps by pointing out to those people who collect tiger as part of their culture that if they continue to do so, there won’t be any tigers left to honor in this way.

    As far as people who kill tigers for their meat, this is not done because there is a lack of other food, but because tiger is considered a delicacy among some people.  This must be discouraged, again, pointing out that if this behavior continues, there won’t be any tigers left.

    Again, education, as well as social pressure, is the key.

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