Do you think Thanksgiving traditions discourage people from thinking about sustainable food production?



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    Thanksgiving, in particular, is a holiday which is built around the celebration of plenty. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing–reminiscent of the phrase, “It’s better to have and not need than need and not have”–it can be said that, to a certain degree, Thanksgiving probably doesn’t help people think about sustainable food production. 

    That has nothing, really, to do with the date itself, or even the tradition throughout most of the country of families gathering to spend time with each other. 

    As with most environmentally conscious decisions, it’s in HOW we do things as much as when or where we do those things. 

    There’s nothing about Thanksgiving as a day that prohibits any of us from enjoying a perfectly sustainable, joyous holiday among close family, friends, or with whomever we choose. 

    That being said, it would, of course, further the cause of sustainability to promote the tenets of sustainable food consumption leading up to the holiday this next year. 

    Who knows, maybe due to the efforts of yourself and a few like-minded individuals, Thanksgiving could become synonymous with the day that we all give thanks for the bountiful gifts before us, and the many generations after us that might enjoy those, as well. 


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    I think cultural traditions are one of the main factors for why people may not change their behavior.  Thanksgiving is a holiday completely based on tradition.  So, people are much more reluctant to give something up because it brings back a lot of familiar and often happy memories.  That is why it’s more effective to add sustainable food to the picture rather than take something else away, at least initially.

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    No, it is just the holiday. One day is not going to make difference either way. It is the symptom not the cause of the problem with sustainable food production.

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