Do you think that Tesla or Fisker is a better car company?



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    For those who have not been following, Tesla and Fisker were in a heated legal battle for quite some time over breach of contract and other issues. Tesla had apparently hired Fisker to work on some of the body styling of one of the Tesla cars. Fisker had decided to make a hybrid, unaware that the Tesla car on which they were working was going to be a hybrid (they thought it was all-electric). Anyway, the dust is still settling.

    Your question is asking, not about the cars themselves, but about the companies. It is really difficult to measure the success of either company this early. Both companies seem capable of creating quality, viable hybrid cars. They both seem to have good management that knows what they’re doing in a business sense. Tesla seems a bit more diversified than Fisker (reportedly, Tesla is involved in rocketry projects as well). As far as being able to produce a quality car, I would say they are both on equal footing.

    Here is an article in Automobile Magazine comparing the two companies.

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