Do you think that teens care enough about the environment?



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    Similar to what rickken described, it’s definitely a mix of yes and no. The problem is, this is not an attitude that can be bred much out of rebelliousness against adults. They need adults and authority figures to promote information hand-in-hand especially because it’s an attitude that affects both parties. There are certain parts of environmentalism that are certainly in vogue and teens are easier to teach to make lifestyle changes because they’re less set in their ways, but rampant consumerism is something that has been bred into our society for generations and it’s getting to a critical mass point where we have to do something about it. Hopefully the teens and young adults will step up because most of the older generations and people in power aren’t doing enough.

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    I would say the majority of teens do not care about the environment. I am solely basing my opinion on the fact that I substitute teach K-12 on a regular basis and whenever the option to recycle arises instead of tossing an object in the trash, the recycling bin rarely wins. The current youth is very focuses on their image and technology. Since the majority of children have had most things just handed to them, they do not understand the importance of preserving the environment. It all boils down to the same problem the education system has always had; no being educated enough on a topic.

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    Not really. I think most teenagers are sadly way more focused on fitting in with and/or being cool in their peer group than saving the environment. Its so difficult to be that age and have others scrutinize your every move. It takes a very strong person to stand up for what they believe in and let the insults of others roll off their backs. The best thing we as adults can do to help teenagers is to show that we have a passion for environmentalism that goes far beyond looking cool- its a life choice made out of necessity and concern.

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