Do you think technology will ever stop advancing?



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    If it does, it won’t any time soon, and I hope it’s not because we become so arrogant as to claim that it’s all been done. Technology tends to build upon itself with subtle nuances. Look at everything from the first abacus to the numerically dwarfing computers of today. I think we’ll be long gone before we’ve done all there is to do.

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    The only time I could imagine the development of technology decreasing is if something quite catastrophic happened that wiped out the majority of our species.  In a post-apocalyptic like earth, if that should ever happen, surviving humans may no longer have the resources or foundations to continue advancing technology.  Barring this possibility, I can’t imagine the entire human race (some cultures, like the Amish do seem to value a limit to technology) halting progress.  So much of technology is to directly benefit health, knowledge, and communication.  There is so much human ingenuity (and to be fair, it goes to our benefit and our destruction) to be tapped, I don’t see it’s end.

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    I don’t think so – “technology” is an umbrella term for so many different areas of development, that short of some cataclysmic world event, I personally can’t foresee a time when all such development starts. Think about the wide spectrum difference between, for instance, biotechnology or nanotechnology and engineering or constructing technology – almost all industries have some technological aspect which is developing or can be improved upon. It’s an interesting question though!

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    Why would it?  Technology refers to the creation and usage of tools to help us better manage and adapt to our environment.  From a social evolutionist’s perspective, humans’ advanced learning abilities serve as a fundamental survival tool.  As long as we as a species retain our ability to learn, we can apply knowledge of new theories to create more advanced tools that will serve us well in changing environments.

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    I think people will always look for better or different ways to do things, though some time periods and technological breakthroughs may offer more subsequent advances than others.

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