Do you think that spaceflight is important?



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    I think that it is a good idea to look into space flight as a possible option for the future, but I do not think that now is the time to do it. Research is always good because some of the things we can gain from NASA are applicable to everyday life. However, we can do much of that research on Earth. Current space shuttles burn loads of fossil fuel just to break free of Earth’s gravity. I think that we should work on finding other ways to get into space such as building a space elevator that can get us away from Earth’s gravitational pull on solar power or other forms of electricity.

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    I think that space exploration is an incredible waste of money, brain power and natural resources, which would be better put to use solving problems a little closer to home.  Since I was a child, I have loved the idea of space exploration, and I still find it fascinating, but given the incredible amount of problems we’re facing on our own planet, I don’t think space exploration is a responsible use of resources.

    In the long term, I hope we do eventually get to the point where space travel is again feasible, I just don’t think we’re at that point right now.

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    I don’t think it’s important compared to other science and social endeavors, such as clean energy projects, restoration to ravaged environments, disease prevention, and educational technology. I believe that the money devoted to space investigations would be better spent elsewhere and that the Earth needs more attention.

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