Do you think that solar powered cell phones will ever take off?



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    Probably, provided the technology is significantly improved upon. The idea has real potential, but there are some obvious disadvantageous (such as having to store your cellphone in a location where it can actually come into contact with sunlight) that may give it some bumps in the road ahead.

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    If the technology becomes good enough and reliable enough, solar powered cell phones would have no reason not to take a piece of the marketshare. It’s just like any other device, vehicle, or what have you that is attempting to make the switch from once source of energy to a more conversation-minded source of energy. If the product is strong enough, it will work out. People aren’t afraid of solar power, they’re afraid they won’t be able to rely on their phone, so the new power source needs to be able to quiet those concerns.

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    Solar powered cell phones would become more popular if they could hold a longer charge. The current Samsung model only gets 5-10 minutes of talk time for an hour in the sun. This is great if you are stuck in the (sunny) woods with a dead battery, but not for the average cell phone user, whose conversations likely last much longer than 10 minutes. We may have some more development to do on the solar cell phone, but Samsung is releasing its Blue Earth solar phone, made of recycled products and coming with a carbon-calculating pedometer, later this year. LG is also releasing a phone said to get 3 minutes of talk time for 10 minutes of sun.

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