Do you think that smoking cigarettes will ever be completely eliminated?



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    Opinion-wise this is a difficult question to answer.  There is a lot of big money invested in the industry.  Rumor has it that the US military will be smoke-free by 2020, meaning that military personal will not be allowed to smoke on military bases.  I believe that cigarettes will only be eliminated when the public decides that the health risks are too great, and individuals make the decision to quit smoking or, simply, to not start smoking.

    At present tobacco companies are not allowed to advertise on billboards or on TV/Radio, and the public is aware that smoking creates a host of health risks (heart problems, lung disease, gum disease, etc).  The amount of knowledge about the health risks begs the question as to why individuals continue to smoke despite the clear and ready knowledge that it is not healthy.  Granted, people still use a variety of illegal drugs and engage in plenty of dangerous activities (including speeding, sky-diving, etc).

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    In my opinion, I don’t think smoking cigarettes will ever be completely eliminated.  Big tobacco has too much invested in the business of addiction to let go without a fight.  Far too many people are seriously addicted to cigarettes even though they are fully aware of the health risks.  The smoking of cigarettes can definitely decrease over time, but I don’t think it will ever be fully eradicated.  

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