Do you think science has done a good job proving global warming?



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    Personally I think that science has done a good job proving that global warming exists, although obviously there are still people who are unconvinced.  The data on how our climate has changed in the past few centuries along with the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the environment was enough to convince me.  It has been proven that those greenhouse gases hold in heat, and there is no way that even the vast amount of trees on our planet are able to absorb all of the extra CO2 that we are producing.  Some people aren’t convinced and do have a good point that climate change has naturally happened throughout the history of the earth, but the speed with which it is occuring definitely shoots up a red flag in my mind.

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    Despite some obstinate arguments against the existence of global warming, I personally think that science has done a very good job proving otherwise. Scientists and experts have been studying climate change since decades ago, and studies are still going very strong – in fact, it is probably stronger than ever, with studies that even influence legislation. Most politicians aren’t scientists and they won’t care about the environment unless it disturbs them on a more objective level. For these politicians to consider the environment, there must be some very convincing evidence that global warming is taking place.

    This is just one way of looking at it. There is countless evidence to support this global phenomenon. 

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    Yes, there is no doubt that anthropogenic (human induced) climate change is evident. Skeptics often argue that the earth has natural warming and cooling cycles that have occurred all throughout the earths history. Indeed, the earth has natural variations on climate, but 95%+ of climate scientists agree that humans are speeding up the rate that the earth’s climate is changing. 

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